week 7 assignment 1 post

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, how has your view on how you learn changed?

Before I never really thought about how i learned. After reading about the different learning theories over the past six weeks i have found that i use a little of all the learning theories.

What have you learned about the various learning theories and learning styles over the past weeks that can further explain your own personal learning preferences?

Both Behaviorist and Cognitivist emphasizes the role that environmental conditions play in facilitating my learning. Ertmer, P. A., & Newby, T. J. (1993). Everything i learn is related to some portion of what i see or what goes on around me. Constructivist theory relates to cognitive theory but it requires both learner and environmental factors. I know that it is up to me to orchestrate my learning and to find ways to understand information given to me through my personal experience. Social and Connectivism are somewhat similar to me. Social theory says that people can learn new information and behaviors by watching other people and Connectivism says that learning occurs when information is distributed within a network.Cherry(2009) Davis, C., Edmunds, E., & Kelly-Bateman, V. (2008).This is truly how i learn because i connect with people through social networks and search engines to gather information daily.

What role does technology play in your learning (i.e., as a way to search for information, to record information, to create, etc.)?

Technology plays a very important role in my learning. Technology is used in my household and everywhere i go everyday of the week. I use my mobile devices to retrieve information for education or leisure. Technology is very quick in the retrieval of any information that i need. It beats looking in a dictionary or an encyclopedia for information (which could take hours). Technology is my life and without it a lot of people will be lost. I personally feel that technology is a form of distraction as well because we tend to spend time on these devices more than we should. Technology could also lead to laziness, eye weakness and many other problems that will eventually affect your health. This is the world we live in so it is up to us to use it responsibly.


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